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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Am I A Real Runner?

Am I A Real Runner?

“Veronica and I are trying this new fad called “jogging”, I believe its “jogging” or “yogging” it may be with a soft ‘J’ I am not sure, apparently you just run for an extended period of time … it’s supposed to be wild.”  Ron Burgundy – Anchorman Channel 4 News

It’s an odd thing but I have heard and read on a few different occasions when people have said “he’s not a jogger he’s a runner”.

A guy I know asked me how fast I ran and after I told him and he said “oh, you’re jogging then…”

What if I run at the speed you jog?  What then?  Have you seen these legs?

Have you ever heard someone tell their kid “don’t run with scissors … oh wait, your jogging … go ahead.”  I think I might prank call someone and ask them "Is your refrigerator jogging?"

My wife said something funny the other day, “I didn’t know a runner could look like you”.  Zing!  Thanks Honey!  She explained while laughing how impressed she was with my accomplishments yet still haul around my extra poundage.  I feel better now!  At least she didn't call me a Jogger.

But is there a great debate?  I did a web search and found some conflicting/confusing information and it returned a bunch of different criteria:

“Joggers run with mantras like ‘push out the pain’ runners run with mantras like ‘no fun, no run’”.  I actually figured it would be opposite ...

“In jogging, the speed is generally considered to be less than 9MPH, while in running, the speed is normally more than 9MPH.”

“Running, on the other hand (vs. Jogging), is done at a faster pace. A mile is typically completed in 8 minutes or less … Runners often maintain that same fast pace throughout a running event. They don't slow down and they don't quit unless they've injured themselves.”  Hmmm ... sounds like the jogger camp thinks that runners are a little psycho ... no comment.

“Joggers have more of a bouncy movement when they move, while runners have a steady rhythm that includes longer steps and faster arm swing”

Well I think that clears it up perfectly!  The only thing that is more confusing to me is when serious ‘runners’ get mad if they are referenced as ‘joggers’.

Here are some reasons I may be a ‘real’ runner:

I have swallowed a bug while running.

I have gotten so lost running trails I ended up back where I started without intending to.

I have left an item of unneeded clothing and malfunctioning ipod hidden on a run in order to come 
back and get it later.

I catch myself nodding at other runners, when I am in the car.

I feel more comfortable forgetting my wallet going to work than forgetting my GPS watch on a run.

I have 4 pairs of running shoes … hold on … 5.

I ran in 7 races last year.

I have plans to do something creative with my race bibs … though I won’t.

I wear my race medals for 24 hours after receipt no matter where I go.

I’ve been tempted while stuck in traffic on the highway to just park the car and go for a run.

When I taper for a week before a race I feel the very real phantom injuries coming on.

I admit to creeping people on

I have a double running stroller … and I have taken drinks from the kids’ sippy cups on a hill climb.

I have a running clothes drawer.

I know the distance to every major intersection in every direction within 10k of my house.  When people in my city ask how far away I live, I tell them in Kilometers with a decimal point.

I have watched a marathon on TV and even worse, I have watched a marathon online.

Also, lastly, I have a running blog, you should check it out.


It doesn't really matter I suppose.  I run faster than some, slower than most and long enough to make a lot of people think I am crazy.

In the end … you be the judge … is this the face of a jogger?

I hope this article has helped muddy the waters and fueled the debate.